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Tandoor Palace Logo

Our roots are from the edge of paddy fields, surrounded by tree covered hills, teeming with wildlife and fresh water streams. People living here would have, for the most part, been reliant on what produce they could grow on the land and gather from the surrounding forests, and this is reflected in the local cuisine.

However, the flavors of north Indian food always created a nostalgia. Foods like aloo gobhi (potatoes and cauliflower), palak paneer (spinach and homemade cheese) and subzi biryani (layered vegetable-rice casserole) flavored with assertive ginger, onion and garlic, and spiced with subtle cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, peppercorns, bay leaves and cumin. This confusion gave way to curiosity and eventually approval as the saucy offerings and stir-fries kindled an awakening unlike any other food. This experience ignited an urge to follow the passion for food and the idea of starting a North Indian Restaurant was formalized.

This though was further nurtured by factors which would be ideal for a dining experience with family and friends. Search for a place where parking should not be an issue, as this is the most important aspect for any outing in a buzz city like Dubai, that guides the wheels of transport to the destination and finally we settled at Al Nahda area. Then the creative minds wandered for the feel and ambience of the restaurant and we were sure to create an ethnic Indian feel to our place and hence thought of a traditional background. Our partners assisted by making it a reality today. Most of our customers love the character and mood of the place which pulls them back to Tandoor Palace.

Another decision which took some effort was what orbit of palate we should select among the widespread north Indian dishes and the scope of Tandoor was identified and finalized. In the tandoor, food is exposed to live fire convection cooking; meats are punctured on a metal skewer and placed into the heated oven; fat and juices from the meat drip on the wood or charcoal adding a distinct flavor to its smoke. Our core team of chef indulged in varies recipes and food that can be explored on Tandoor. Hence it became relatively easy to name the restaurant as TANDOOR PALACE.

In line with the Tandoor food, we wanted this encounter for our customers to be a live affair, where they can sense and explore the world of spices with meat/vegetable/fruit and get to taste them hot. Same concept gave birth to the vision of serving the food in mud crockery to revisit our older times where clay played an integral part of the society.

As a process of backward integration, we are in an advantageous position to be able to pick of our own accompaniments and process them in our own facility which ensures freshness and hygiene and makes our dish both delicious and healthy. We understand the value proposition of quality and quantity and our efforts have been to maintain that balance to ensure customers enjoy the food at the same time acknowledge the value for money.

We thank our staff who are also driven by the same values and love for food as TANDOOR PALACE Management. They contribution to our success enormously. Our focus is to make dining a refined and enigmatic adventure for our guests. We sincerely hope that you can relate to our tag line “FINE DINING DONE FINELY” at Tandoor Palace and give us frequent opportunities to serve you food which will induce you to fall in love with TANDOOR FOOD.

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